How to know if your sewer lines need repair?

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The first signs that your sewer lines need repair are slow or intermittent drain water flow, clogs, and backups. If you see these signs, you should call Arrow Plumbing and Drains Services, the best plumbing company in San Diego, to identify and solve the issue before it worsens. It is always best to call professional plumbers for your sewer line repair.

Here are five important signs that you may need to immediately call the best plumbers in San Diego by Arrow Plumbing and Drain Services to do your sewer line repair.

You keep Smelling Sewer Odors inside your home

If you keep smelling sewer odors in your home, it could mean the smell is coming from a drain. Many things, including plumbing problems and waste buildup, can cause drain odor. If you have noticed a strong sewage smell in your home recently, it could mean that the drain lines that carry wastewater from your bathroom or kitchen sink may be clogged.

These pipes are usually connected directly to an underground pipe called a lateral. If this line gets clogged up with debris, it can cause backups in other parts of your house. You would need a professional plumbing company to do drain repair or perform a sewer line repair.

Gurgling Sounds coming from your Drains

Water should flow through your clean and unclogged pipes without bothering sounds. If there are unusual sounds, chances are the pipes are clogged with waste or debris. For example, solid wastes like soap scum and or hair might have clogged your pipes, the reason for the gurgling sound. A strange sound coming from your drains is usually an indication of a problem with the lines.

There are, of course, home remedies for clogged pipes. They say that running hot water through the pipes may unclog the drain tubes, but a professional plumbing company should be on the way to your house to perform a sewer line repair if this does not work.

Your Toilets are Draining Slowly

If your toilets are draining slower than usual, it could mean that there is a clog in the pipes. You may start fixing the problem by using a plunger on your drains. A bucket of water may also solve the problem of a clogged drain. If the problem is fixed by a plunger or a bucket of water, it could mean that the pipe is just having a minor issue.

A professional plumbing company may need to look and do a drain repair if the above does not remedy the problem. Overdoing the fixing by yourself might do more harm than good. You need to call your plumber to fix the problem rather than wait for things to worsen.

There is Mold Growth in your Home 

Mold growth is a sign of uncleanliness and can cause health problems. If you see mold growth in your bathroom or any part of the house, you need to do some cleaning as molds can cause grave problems, especially for people with allergies or asthma.

After cleaning up, and molds continue to grow in your house’s damp areas, you have to check your pipes. A leak in your pipes or drains may cause the water causing the dampness. More than fixing the lines by a professional plumber, it is essential to keep your house clean to keep yourself away from diseases.

Your septic is overflowing or backing up

You must call your plumber if your septic system is backing up or overflowing. Seeing waste backing up or overflowing in the toilet could be too disgusting. This could cause so many health problems when neglected or ignored. This may have been caused by too many people using the facilities simultaneously. You can call Arrow Plumbing and Drain Services, the best plumbing and drain repair in San Diego, for immediate cleanup and sewer line repair before things get worse.